About Us

History and Mission

Ames Scuba is owned and operated by William Wellington - PADI MSDT 276384

Willie took his first scuba diving class at Iowa State University in 1999 and hasn't stopped learning about diving since. He took his time to progress through the different levels achieving Advanced in 2003, Rescue in 2006, Divemaster in 2010, Open Water Scuba Instructor in 2014, and Master Scuba Diver Trainer in 2016.

As a PADI Professional I have the opportunity to see:

• Fear changed to courage

• Faintheartedness converted into accomplishment

• Timidity transformed into confidence

• Anticipation turned into passion

As a PADI Professional I can:

• Open hearts and minds to the hidden beauty of nature’s creation and our obligation to protect it

• Foster self-esteem in another person

• Teach the value of character and integrity

• Transform another human being and change a life for the better and forever


Ames Scuba is focused on providing local courses for new and experienced divers, promoting diving across the central Iowa region, and offering trips to diving destinations. We also offer a range of additional services including:

  • Compressed air fills
  • Regulator service
  • Equipment repair and consultation
  • Private courses
  • Private trip guide

Find Us


915 N 4th St

Ames, IA 50010